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PFNews (April_w17)

Naturgy explains their response to the pandemic

Naturgy claims to be a modern brand whose motivation is first to do and then to say. It presents a package of actions to make the crisis as less hostile as possible

Samsung highlights the role of technology

With a manifesto that puts emphasize on the importance of technology to stay connected to our loved ones, for working from home office, for education, etc.

Ruavieja bets on seeing us less now

The brand has asked a group of anonymous people how they are living this lockup, what they miss most and what they want to do first.

TOUS honors those who have been mothers during the lockdown

They have created their new campaign based in the idea of honoring the strength and courage of those women who have been mothers during lockup.

Ambar launches a campaign to support the bars

"Everything good ends up in a bar" is a manifesto that is a declaration of principles and, at the same time, a message of support for bars.

New campaign by Correos

"Help in any way we can" is the Post Office’s (Correos) goal facing the coronavirus crisis and the leitmotiv of its new campaign.

Aldi's Tango to get back to normal

Aldi has launched a campaign, with the aim of sending an optimistic message facing the exceptional situation of the last few days caused by COVID-19.

Nescafé turns hugs into coffee cups

They have a campaign on Instagram to donate coffee to the Spanish Red Cross under the slogan "Send your hug to the people you love most. We will send coffee to those who need it most". 1 hug = 1 cup of coffee.

Budweiser rescues the "Whassup" ad

AB InBev has reissued its iconic late 1990s announcement, "Whassup", to highlight the importance of remaining virtually connected during the lockup.

Coca Cola thanks society

And to do so, they have recovered one of the brand's most emblematic ads to adapt its message to the current health crisis which is affecting the world.