July 2020 | Access our international study: 11 countries (4,535 interviews)

Experiences and behavioral changes anticipated by the consumer

The outbreak of the Coronavirus as a global pandemic has had devastating effects worldwide, and its situation is far from stabilizing. It is not yet possible to determine the future scope of these unprecedented crises in the current times, but their effects in the short term are evident: at the health, economic and social levels.

The future is uncertain and still changing.
And this has a direct impact on our lives, our needs, our values, our emotions, how we think, how we organize ourselves as a society, how we relate to each other, and how we consume.
Some behaviors may be modified even in a very permanent way.

Brands and companies must listen and understand this new reality in order to readjust and retune to the needs of the market.

This report is a first glance into 11 countries (4,535 interviews) of how the citizen's experience has been in these first months of the pandemic and how they expect their future behavior to be: An anticipation of the New Normal.

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COVID-19: Anticipating the New Normal