January 2024


At Punto de Fuga we understand research as the result of something vocational: we strive for knowledge; we are passionate about questioning. As researchers, our profession is driven by an enormously dynamic force: social curiosity. We are driven by an intense curiosity towards a thorough knowledge of people and society.

This desire to discover new insights and to let us surprise by our findings was the seed for our series PFinsights.

Each PFinsights begins precisely with this inherent curiosity of the researcher.  Each PFinsights is born from social listening by the Punto de Fuga team: Which current issues are generating social interest? Which issues are challenging us? Which questions are hot topics on the public agenda? Once the focus has been selected, we generate working hypotheses that allow us to obtain valuable information.

In these first 12 PFinsights we have dealt with a wide range of issues: from social issues (such as time spent on household chores and gender differences) up to economic issues (such as the impact of the inflation on the shopping basket). We have also addressed more individual matters such as self-care or the weakening of mental health in our society, a terrible silent crisis. In addition, we have focused on new phenomena and habit changes such as the new post-COVID mobility, the trend towards buying second hand, new ways of paying or communicating with mobile phones, and the use of new AI tools, combined with the fear generated by it.

With these little footage tiles, we do not intend to provide an exhaustive analysis of each of these topics. This would require a much more in-depth approach. Our aim is a different one: we want to cause the same curiosity and desire to know more in the reader that we feel when dealing with these topics. Our aim is to help all of us to understand a little more about something as complex, but as exciting, as the individual in the dynamics of today's society.

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