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Chovi reduces the use of plastic too

The Chovi group is launching a campaign to advertise its new, more sustainable packaging. Besides it being 100% recyclable, 25% of its plastic is recycled

Correos to the rhythm of C. Tangana

The Correos campaign highlights the products and services offered by the company. The spot features the participation of personalities from the world of culture and sport

Responsible consumption by Wallapop

Under the concept "Price and at what price", Wallapop gives a voice to Generation Z, 83% of whom already buy second hand more or the same as before the pandemic

Too Good To Go with Chefs

Every year, according to WWF, 2.5 billion tonnes of food is thrown away worldwide. The new Too Good To Go campaign features four top chefs, all of them Michelin-starred.

Distance challenges new law in Paris

A new law has come into force in France restricting the speed limit for vehicles to 30 km/h within the city of Paris. This news has not gone down well with drivers, but it has been welcomed by environmentalists and those who want to exceed their own limits. The company Distance has broken France's new law with this group of riders and has used the speed camera images.

La Casa de Papel "kidnaps" its most hardcore fans

In Italy, Netflix invited the users who make the most spoilers to a premiere. The aim was to hold them back for the first five hours of the premiere to avoid their posts about the series.

While DHL works for Bond…

The piece, set in the city of Shanghai, shows the many obstacles a DHL delivery driver has to face to deliver a box to James Bond, who is in the middle of a chase in an Aston Martin DB5.