The most asked question that we receive from clients is whether it is better to wait or if we should continue to carry out studies in these moments of confinement.

The answer: Yes, it can be done, moreover, yes, it must be done.

YES, IT CAN BE DONE: Methodologies allow it.

  • In quantitative, only face-to-face interviews are affected by confinement, but most of these investigations can be migrated to the Internet or to telephone interviews. It is still possible even to carry out the product test, which can be done in home.

  • In qualitative there are multiple online platforms that give us flexibility, agility and efficiency to adapt to the needs of Qualitative research. Some of which our qualitative team propose are:

SHARING: Online diaries and Online Communities. Let’s work! They allow participants to connect and answer questions at any time of the day, anywhere, from any device (and even without an internet connection at the moment). It is a way to give them flexibility and the peace of mind to do it when they feel most comfortable. Post, pre-assignments, diaries, compilation of ethnographic content ...

DETAILING Interviews One to One. Text chat, phone call or by videoconference. Confessionary effect! Different online platforms with which we delve into the most personal issues, individual perceptions, and habits of the individual ... from an analysis and psychological perspective. Confessionary effect: Being behind the screen creates an ideal climate to communicate more freely. 

CREATING: Group Sessions. The social thing, online! The synergy of the group, the power of debate, the intensity of the social through digital platforms that offer us intercommunication, comfort, agility and adaptability.

Will the data be valid? Will people's opinions change? Are habits different? These are the questions that arise when contrasting the possibility of continuing to carry out research. The answer is: it depends. The reaction in front of a visual stimulus, such as a pack or an advertisement will be the same; the test of a product will have the same acceptance; but the habits, the way of understanding the world and the communication will indeed be different... and this is an opportunity!

YES, IT MUST BE DONE: The current stress situation has forced people to face challenges that otherwise they would not have faced, or they would have done differently... Time management, the way of searching for information, communication, new technologies, new leisure, new learnings... These changes will affect our behavior and relationships in the future. From this stage we will be able to see what the brands have done well, and what has been done wrong... We have a lot of new Zoom users; gigs on Instagram, who was thinking of subscribing Disney Plus a fortnight ago? How many have done it?

This breeding ground must allow us to better understand our consumer of the future and their relationship with brands.

Adapting to these changes is something that all brands should do...

Ramón Jordana