Traditionally, brands have been present at all levels in our society. They always have been a very important driver of social transformation e.g. at the level of technological innovation, food innovation and of infinite other aspects that are crucial for our day-to-day life.

Currently it seems that they are going even one step further and, as well as continuing to innovate the above-mentioned aspects, they are helping to create collective reflections on various issues of society. By this they are also contributing to the transformation of social reality, giving more visibility to certain groups or to certain political issues.

Lately we have been seeing/hearing many examples:

In reference to discrimination, the "Black Lives Matters" movement has emerged, and many major brands have clearly positioned themselves in relation to this topic, and by this, positively contributed to greater visibility and awareness.

Another example are topics related to feminism, where some brands are contributing significantly to building paths towards a much more feminist society. Also, topics related to commitment to the environment, where great references can be found. Just to name Estrella Damm and their advertisements for raising awareness of the overly high use of plastic.

Another great example can be seen in the issues related to the LGTBI collective. A few days ago, the two iconic brands Burger King and McDonalds, (totally rivals in the market) collaborated together in an initiative to raise awareness for the LGTBI collective, making their two male brand icons kiss.

Without a doubt, there has started a process of rethinking and we can witness a stronger commitment of the brands towards the society which they are a part of. As consumers, we can find brands with much more emotional intelligence than some years (and even months) before. 
And although we will never know if it is simply to connect stronger with their public or for the firm conviction of wanting to contribute to society: what seems clear is that this is a trend that has come to stay.

Carlos Claver

Account Manager